nnoi#7 wefbgewfugrfrg.r////tickets

  • there will be online-tickets only!
  • the tickets are limited to 300!
  • the tickets include access & [vegan] food from friday to sunday!
    [ticket-voodoo: a regular ticket of 60 euro is made up as follows : entry 25 euro + food 35 euro. food is always included! you always have to pay entry & food in one! please do not ask for special condition!]
  • our beautiful capitalist society is full of poor & rich people, that‘s why we have 3 different ticket prices!
    pay what you can & support us if possible.

choose your ticket(s)


oohhhddipt nnoi ticket

[supporter ticket]
70.00 EUR

bbrrrrggrr nnoi ticket

[normal ticket]
60.00 EUR

pssssstdd nnoi ticket

[soli tickets - limited to 30]
50.00 EUR


[3-16 years, food contribution]
15.00 EUR



30.00 EUR


30.00 EUR

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